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Take your skin to the next level with a range of advanced peels from Nimue

One Treatment   £65  

Course of 6   £350

A specialised, deep exfoliating treatment that safely removes dead skin cells for improved texture and appearance in dry, dehydrated and ageing skin.

Designed to stimulate collagen function and improve skin health, it is a potent, yet gentle and safe active treatment delivering powerful results, culminating in refined texture, pore size, elasticity, radiance and vitality.

It enhances penetration of active ingredients and optimises skin health and texture.

Designed also to stimulate collagen production, it will repair the skin, relax wrinkles, increase hydration and the skin’s suppleness resulting in visibly youthful skin.

Designed to treat the following:

Environmentally Damaged Skin

Hyperpigmented Skin Problematic Skin 

Acne, open pores, sun damage, pigmentation & age spots

Ageing, skin laxity, lines & wrinkles, dull & dehydrated skin.


The treatment can cause a mild erythema which may last upto 24 hrs.

It will achieve a smoother, clearer complexion with lasting results.

A course of 6 is recommended.